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“Eras paints the whole picture for you, so you can't say you haven't been warned.” Impose Magazine.

“It looms and sways as stuttering wails punctuate the steady beeping of the great engine’s life support system” Electronic Beats Magazine

をベースに活動する次世代トラックメイカーの”ERAS”ことNathaniel Eras。耽美でアンビエント、そして時折、垣間見せるダーティーでドープな世界観に波打つ緻密に入り組んだ卓越したビートスタイルを武器にインディーシーンを賑わせている。 FRAGILE JAPAN

"ERAS is most exciting to me as representative of a strain of “pastoral futurism” that seems to resonate in the well-warmed not-pastures of LA and in the near infinity of balmy regions that spreads and thickens as you cross the western desert."  Secret Decoder Magazine

Nathaniel Eras, or to most ERAS, is a producer from the Los Angeles region who is expanding the boundaries of experimental electronic music in a way that deserves a lot of credit and attention" Sound Colour Vibration

"The electronic artist embraces the duality of vinyl—the first side explores new soundscapes, creating a lush, warm atmosphere, while the howling drones of the second side set a more sinister mood." The Deli Magazine

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